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Our library is the place for learning, culture and the driving force of the social progress. We influence changes in local and wider environment.

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The promotion of reading

The benefits of “good” literate people are a greater understanding of the environment, processes, ideas, and changes, a better idea of the world, a better and faster judgment, awareness of the importance of the quality and healthy way of life. We encourage the joy of reading, understanding, and reflection on reading with a multitude of actions in the Kranj City Library.

The Family Reading

The Family Reading project is mainly focused on families with children from the age of two to eight. The project promotes quality leisure time, the opportunity for conversation, playing, learning, and entertainment within the family circle. One of the most important goals of the project is to raise children into readers because that will bring them benefits for a lifetime.

Digital literacy courses

We pay a lot of attention to the promotion of information literacy in today’s information society. We provide lifelong learning and creative leisure time for our young and adult users with the offer of various computer courses and workshops within the Digital literacy program. The Programs take place in two equipped computer rooms. We also offer individual assistance in the use of computers, mobile devices, and e-services.

Innovative space

Library premises are thoughtfully organized from a more flowing, noisy ground floor to a more private top floor, designed for reading and studying. They are connected with the area for children, youth, and multimedia. The spacious hall is meant for numerous events and other social events. Bookcases are organized into a hexagonal network that extends throughout the library through a color scheme of eight thematic areas.